Saturday, December 11, 2010


"im the average t-shirt and jeans kind of guy."

  How many times have you hear that crock?  Men, women say they like the rugged man with the levi's and t-shirt.  Although, it's very true and it's cool to look like the next people at walmart victim if you dont have a problem with it. But, really... who wants to be average?! A white v-neck and a good pair of jeans is just a the foundation of what can be real awesome look. You do know it's ok to wear a jewelry as a man... right??

   I preach about it all the time. DONT let you masculinity get in the way of your style and good fashion sense.  More than less women rather have a man nicely groomed and well put together.  Just think of me as your gay best friend. I dont like hanging out with people who cant dress or dont have their own sense or twist of style.  I do know as a man that there's only so much we can wear and put together.  But, that bromance stuff where you and all you homeboys wear the same shit... G-A-Y!!! So, gay it makes me want to call you a fag and mean it in the harshes way there is.

   I guess the point I'm trying to make is fucking get on your shit and show your personality through what you wear. After all, when you feel that you look good, you feel good.