Saturday, December 11, 2010


"im the average t-shirt and jeans kind of guy."

  How many times have you hear that crock?  Men, women say they like the rugged man with the levi's and t-shirt.  Although, it's very true and it's cool to look like the next people at walmart victim if you dont have a problem with it. But, really... who wants to be average?! A white v-neck and a good pair of jeans is just a the foundation of what can be real awesome look. You do know it's ok to wear a jewelry as a man... right??

   I preach about it all the time. DONT let you masculinity get in the way of your style and good fashion sense.  More than less women rather have a man nicely groomed and well put together.  Just think of me as your gay best friend. I dont like hanging out with people who cant dress or dont have their own sense or twist of style.  I do know as a man that there's only so much we can wear and put together.  But, that bromance stuff where you and all you homeboys wear the same shit... G-A-Y!!! So, gay it makes me want to call you a fag and mean it in the harshes way there is.

   I guess the point I'm trying to make is fucking get on your shit and show your personality through what you wear. After all, when you feel that you look good, you feel good.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Everyone needs a good pair of hot boots! These boots by TImberland is what is on my radar for this winter!!!!

Friday, November 12, 2010


  I think I'm finally getting it... men's designer underwear.  Women have their Victoria Secret and us men have designer... boxer-briefs?? I'm still on the fence with this one for sure.  But, I do have to admit Express underwear is far more comfy than that fruit brand.  I mean if you don't have any worries spending $20 on a single pair of nut huggers... go right ahead.  I did stop by my local Macy's this week and picked up a pack of American Rag man panties and I have to confirm, they're just as comfy as my Express boxer-briefs and makes me feel just as fancy!  Since I'm talking about underwear, let tell you about my winter obsession with long underwear.  I'm on that shit for real. They're practical and fashion forward and hell I think I'm might consider them the man's answer to leggings.

Monday, November 1, 2010


   I must admit that drag queens have inspired a lot of my sketches.  The glamour they ooze and the confidence that demands the attention of club goers is nothing less than amazing.  But, for some reason the one night out of all the year there's a surplus of boys in dresses.  Not that I'm hating on whoever thinks that dressing up as a woman for halloween is perfectly ok. ...I just have one little advice for those who choose to do so. LOOK IN A FUCKING MIRROR BEFORE LEAVING YOUR HOUSE!  I can promise you this by last night's experience that a lot of you really don't have good friends if they let you out looking like trailer park trannies.  And, for that I'm sorry for you.  But, not everyone can pull off the diva driven look.  So, save the crossdressing for your own time.

   I know... I know, the average man loves a girl in a slutty costume.  I actually enjoy girls in slutty costumes myself.  But, I can tell you this also, the only reason for a man to dress in a skippy little undies and glitter all over is if you're a male dancer or some cocktail waiter for a vegas night club. And, never answer "I'm a 'stane'," when the host of the costume contest ask what your costume is, because you are not.  You're a little man in panties covered with glitter and the word you're actually looking for is stallion.  OH!  And, I haven't forgot about the hundreds of boys dressed up as girls. There was one "fashionista" who said his/her costume would be best described as, "this is what you get when mix Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Niki Minaj."  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I know right!!! I actually would have thought his/her costume would be best describes as "this is what you get when your wife and children leave you at the age of 40 when you're going through a very confusing time in your life."  Anyways, dressing as a girl or boy slut is not for everyone.

   Trends!  Like costumes I love to rag on, trends are not for everyone. Yes! I tell no lies. There have been numerous trends that I wish I could pull off, but just couldn't.  Like fat girls and jeggings... not my most favorite body type with the jegging trends [jeggings=leggings that look like jeans]  And, the whole muffin tops with the low rise skinny jeans... yeah, not going to say anything more about that. But, I promise you that this years f/w fashion trend cannot and I mean CANNOT be left out of anyone's closet. Even to own just one piece of the inspiration that I like to think keeps Michael Jackson alive is the military look. All body types can fit into such a trend. It's not just jackets, tailored pants or boots. It's everything from the hat you wear to the color of socks that you rock. And, most of all you can really mix up last year's color trend of black and shades of grey with the olives, brown and khaki colors.  But, I love to see people who wear it with bold colors as well. The golds and the royal blues. This is a trend I hope to see for the next couple of seasons! Until next week, consider clothes and just not something you put on, but rather as an investment.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

and im back!

   I've taken a long break from blogging about my most favorite thing about being a human-being:  FAHSION!  Everybody has a sense of it. Good or bad, everyone has it. But, I'm not here to tell you what you look good in.  Because, in reality you see the world through your own eyes.  I appreciate it all.  The designer names, the "genres" such as punk rock, and most of all the icons throughout the years[i.e. Jakie 'O, Lady Gaga, Coco Chanel].  I see fashion as a culture.  I mean, if you really want to take it to that level.  All cultures around the world set American/Western trends.  Actually, all things in the world inspire fashion.  I can look at the color of a turning leaf in the fall and see a bomber jacket in that color or look at your tabby colored cat and just think of it as a pair of really hot shoes or the lining of that deep orange-red bomber jacket... sorry for you pet lovers but it's the damn truth.

  When I'm not working my full time job or in class at night i often read fashion magazines online and follow other bloggers out there such as Bryanboy.  Having different resources really show me different sides of the industry.    It amazes me how much work and man hours go into a collection.  And, that's even before the fashion weeks around the world.  In which case you don't want to start thinking about what goes into the shows themselves.  Everything from booking the models, music and who's sitting where.  It's chaotic and hurts my head just thinking about it.  The end result after all that sweat, blood and tears is well worth it.  Unfortunately, I'm just a 20-something year old kid living in the middle of America's bible belt.  Yes, I want to be more daring with my fashion.  I know, I've been known to wear some things that don't always get the right attention when I'm with certain friends. Like my 70's inspired Perry Ellis cut off khakis that show much more than the top of my knees.

   Anyways, now that I reintroduced myself into the world I must leave you with the last youtube video I watched before taking the leap into blogging again.

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