Monday, November 1, 2010


   I must admit that drag queens have inspired a lot of my sketches.  The glamour they ooze and the confidence that demands the attention of club goers is nothing less than amazing.  But, for some reason the one night out of all the year there's a surplus of boys in dresses.  Not that I'm hating on whoever thinks that dressing up as a woman for halloween is perfectly ok. ...I just have one little advice for those who choose to do so. LOOK IN A FUCKING MIRROR BEFORE LEAVING YOUR HOUSE!  I can promise you this by last night's experience that a lot of you really don't have good friends if they let you out looking like trailer park trannies.  And, for that I'm sorry for you.  But, not everyone can pull off the diva driven look.  So, save the crossdressing for your own time.

   I know... I know, the average man loves a girl in a slutty costume.  I actually enjoy girls in slutty costumes myself.  But, I can tell you this also, the only reason for a man to dress in a skippy little undies and glitter all over is if you're a male dancer or some cocktail waiter for a vegas night club. And, never answer "I'm a 'stane'," when the host of the costume contest ask what your costume is, because you are not.  You're a little man in panties covered with glitter and the word you're actually looking for is stallion.  OH!  And, I haven't forgot about the hundreds of boys dressed up as girls. There was one "fashionista" who said his/her costume would be best described as, "this is what you get when mix Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Niki Minaj."  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I know right!!! I actually would have thought his/her costume would be best describes as "this is what you get when your wife and children leave you at the age of 40 when you're going through a very confusing time in your life."  Anyways, dressing as a girl or boy slut is not for everyone.

   Trends!  Like costumes I love to rag on, trends are not for everyone. Yes! I tell no lies. There have been numerous trends that I wish I could pull off, but just couldn't.  Like fat girls and jeggings... not my most favorite body type with the jegging trends [jeggings=leggings that look like jeans]  And, the whole muffin tops with the low rise skinny jeans... yeah, not going to say anything more about that. But, I promise you that this years f/w fashion trend cannot and I mean CANNOT be left out of anyone's closet. Even to own just one piece of the inspiration that I like to think keeps Michael Jackson alive is the military look. All body types can fit into such a trend. It's not just jackets, tailored pants or boots. It's everything from the hat you wear to the color of socks that you rock. And, most of all you can really mix up last year's color trend of black and shades of grey with the olives, brown and khaki colors.  But, I love to see people who wear it with bold colors as well. The golds and the royal blues. This is a trend I hope to see for the next couple of seasons! Until next week, consider clothes and just not something you put on, but rather as an investment.

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